Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is without doubt the most thoughtful present you can give to yourself and your family.
When you stop smoking, your health will thank you. As this will give your lungs the chance to mend themselves, giving you a new lease of life. When you begin the process of stopping smoking, you’ll also gain numerous other benefits that you may start to feel right away.
Have you heard?: 49% of pregnant women who set a quit date successfully stopped (NHS, 2020)

Ways to quit:

You are here because you want to quit smoking. You are not alone. Some people tend to try quitting through willpower alone, but we have found through our clients and customers that using the available help gives you a much greater chance of success.

One reason why people struggle to quit smoking is due to the nicotine addiction. However, there are numerous alternative methods to feed your nicotine craving without inhaling toxic chemicals. Some enable you to reduce the quantity of nicotine that you consume to help you give up for good.

In the UK, you can get expert assistance for FREE from a local Stop Smoking Service.

At VOXPO, we are determined to help smokers take the life-changing decision to switch to a stop smoking aid. At VOXPO, you can discover more about the most popular and most effective way to quit.

Have you heard?: On average, smokers lose 20 years of productive life (WHO, 2019)
Have you heard?: Smokers who make it to a week without a cigarette are 9 times more likely to successfully quit.
Quitting tips:

Make a list of reasons why you want to quit. If you ever have a moment of temptation, bring out the list to remind yourself of why you decided to stop

Take up some form of exercise. Scientific studies have proven that exercise cuts cravings by producing anti-craving chemicals. Even a five minute walk could help.

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Identify what usually triggers your cravings and make a note to distract yourself or remove yourself from a situation when these cravings make an appearance

Have you heard?: In 2020, e-cigarettes containing nicotine were the most popular stop smoking aid. (PHE, 2021)

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