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Are you looking for new opportunities? Do you want to drive site traffic and increase sales?

 Through the CBD LIVE Rewards Club, you can!

Advertise with The CANNAVIST, drive targeted traffic to your business for FREE!

How it works

Total up credits to claim one of our silver, gold or platinum rewards by sharing CBD LIVE with your audience. When you register for the CBD LIVE Business Club, you will be given a unique link for your business only to use when promoting CBD LIVE. When individuals register through your unique link, you will receive credits that only you will be able to collect. Then you can put these credits towards a reward of your choice. To help get you started, we’ll provide CBD LIVE promotional material for you to use so you can really benefit.

Who is eligible to join the CBD LIVE Rewards Club?

The CBD Live Business Club is exclusively for businesses only. Whether your business is just starting out or it’s already established within the industry, there’s a benefit for you and your team.

Take a look at the rewards on offer below.

Earn as you go Rewards

Every business that takes part in the CBD Live Business Club will receive a complimentary goodie bag. On the last day of the CBD LIVE Europe event on April 30, credits will be totalled up and silver, gold and platinum rewards will be awarded to the best performing businesses.

How to collect club credit

There are many ways to collect credit to earn rewards. Here are some ways to get your credit balance to the top of the leaderboard.

1 Registrant = 1 Club Credit

Redeem your credit and get your rewards

Every time you log in to The CBD Live Business Club you will be able to view your credit balance. You will earn credits automatically as individuals sign up for CBD LIVE using your unique UTM link. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 250 credits, you can ‘cash in’ your reward.

Join the CBD LIVE Business Club for FREE

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Read The CBD LIVE Business Club’s full terms and conditions here.